Sunday, September 19, 2010

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The upcoming Festival of Dangerous Ideas has two events about motherhood.

There will be a talk presented by Lenore Skenazy, known as 'America's wort mom' because she let her 9 year old son catch the subway on his own. She runs the site Free Range Kids. Her talk is called Is Freedom Too Dangerous for Kids? And there will be a presentation by Anne Manne, who wrote Motherhood: How Should We care For Our Children?,on Are Children Worth It? This is in reaction to the story from NYT which I quoted here earlier.

Some of the other talks are ones in which I think the whole idea might be in the blurb, and I doubt going to the whole talk would provide much more enlightenment. Perhaps these talks are the same, but I want to support public discussion about mothering, so I'm going. I'll report back.

The festival is on at the Opera House Oct 2 & 3. These talks are on the Sunday afternoon. Let me know if you want to meet up.

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