Friday, September 17, 2010

If that was my holiday, I've had it.

My uni break is over.

I didn't go to the movies. I didn't clean out my wardrobe, or the kids' room, or my papers. I didn't catch up with friends or visit my mum.

I did clean the fridge and mop the kitchen floor. I did go to the gym. I did use my Mothers Day voucher for a facial, and got my hair cut. I baked some biscuits and mended the school uniforms. And I did learn to play ukulele.

Also I booked the kids into lots of activities for their school holidays, which start next week. I'm hoping to keep them occupied so I can keep studying. Here's hoping.

Six more weeks and I'll be a quarter of the way through my MA in English. The kids have lots going on too - preparing for end of year shows. In fact, on Tuesday, each of the kids are meant to be somewhere special during schooltime. One is meant to be in two places at once. I can't run her from one to the other and still look after the other kids, and get us all to her evening performance. It would have been handy to work out how to clone myself, or her, but I was busy mopping the floor.

It's going to be a crazy busy six weeks.


Melissa said...

Really, haven't you worked out how to clone yourself yet?!!!

The ukelele sounds fun.

I would offer to help you next week but we have chickenpox at our house. Can another mum take someone somewhere ?

Motherhugger said...

The Tuesday problem is solved. The school Principal is taking my daughter from one activity to the next. That's a good solution!