Friday, September 03, 2010

Hooter hiders

A trend in the UK and US: hooter hiders. An apron like garment you wear when breastfeeding in public.

I breastfed three babies, often in public, and was never very concerned about covering up. No-one ever told me I was offensive, or looked at me as if I was doing anything wrong. People often made supportive comments, or smiled at me.

I found that, before breastfeeding, I couldn't imagine doing it. When breastfeeding, I wondered if I would forevermore be lobbing my boobs out in public. But no. When they had served their purpose I packed them away until next time.

The only time I thought twice about breastfeeding in public was at Bangkok airport.

So, I'm thinking the hooter hiders are a bad idea. And unattractive. And badly named. And people need to see that breastfeeding is normal and natural.


Melissa said...

Shocking!!! The hooter-hider, not the breastfeeding :) I really can't believe women get sucked into this sort of garbage.

Melissa said...

No pun intended...