Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Other people's children

This morning I spoke to my daughter at school while she was sitting with an older child. The older child, who had her back to me, waved her arm dismissively and said 'goodbye mum.'

Now that's rudeness I'm not happy to accept.

I wouldn't accept that in my home, but at school, what to do?

Call over a teacher, make the kid stand up and say it again? Hoping the teacher will back me up? Make the kid stand up, look me in the eye and say things to her like 'What did you just say? I wasn't talking to you.' Or any number of uncool cliches.

In truth, I walked away, angry - the bus had just arrived to take them to swimming lessons. In truth, I'm not sure I could confront her without calling her a little shit, and making a scene. Not a good look.

What do you do when other people's children are rude to you?


Jenny said...

I always just feel really thankful that I'm not a school teacher when kids are like that. You could say something like "Sorry - didn't quite catch that ... did you want to say something to me?" And then if they're rude AGAIN you're in a position to be a more blunt.

chellecahill said...

Or how about 'Wow. That's very rude of you. What's your name?' That should scare them!