Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey Mr DJ

At our last school disco, I didn't enjoy the music. It wasn't really conducive to dancing. So, at the P&C I volunteered to do the music for the next dance.

Because the school hall has just been rebuilt, and because of other functions going on this year, it turns out the time for a school dance falls at the end of October, so it is a Halloween Disco. Now, I've never been into Halloween. Wrong Hemisphere. We don't have the pagan or Christian or cultural background for it to make sense to me. We don't have loads of pumpkins and apples on hand. Even so, I've entered into the spirit of Halloween by looking for suitably spooky songs (not Alice Cooper) that kids can dance to (not Warewolves of London). Rounded out with 70s disco (bless those Kindy boys who told me they like dancing to Abba and Michael Jackson), a few Disney tween songs (HSM) and formation songs like the Nutbush and Macarena, I made a playlist and asked my partner to burn these songs onto five cds, and I'm ready to DJ.

Ah, but not so fast. Said partner installed a DJ program, with spooky sounds, can fade songs out and in, and do all kinds of tricky DJ sounds. Said partner then proceeded to play with said program, and said he would teach me how to use it. I said, hey, Mr DJ, you're having so much fun, how about you be the DJ at the disco. Mr DJ said, what will the lighting system be like? Huh? And how many interruptions will there be for drawing the raffle, and so on? What? It is school dance. Just go with the flow.

So, he is going to be the DJ at the school dance on Friday night, and I can dress up with the kids and dance. My plan is get the parents dancing, instead of just having a dancefloor of screaming children running around. Actually, my vision is to see the whole school doing the Bustop,but that might have to wait until next time.

If everyone loves it, it was my playlist. If not, well it's my playlist.


Melissa said...

Have fun!! Now I'm just wasting time, trying to work out a way to create a spooky face emoticon for Halloween, but I think I'll stop now.

Motherhugger said...

The disco didn't work out the way we planned. When Mr DJ plugged in the laptop, all he could hear was an electric buzzing noise. He rushed home to pick up other plugs and cables, but it still didn't work. I brought in the CDs from my collection. As the dance began, with me programming in songs from my CDs, he went home to burn the playlist I had asked him to burn a week before. Hmmm.

And the new hall is lovely but the sound really bounces around. The speakers are only at one end of the hall. Turn up the bass.

BUT, people did dance. Parents danced. Kids made requests. They mostly wanted the formation dances. And the boys wanted We Will Rock You and ACDC. And the biggest hit of the night? Justin Bieber. Which we played. Success.

And the school raised twice as much money as we expected.

So now we're updating the playlist for next time. And Mr DJ has worked out how to do it all from the laptop. Looks like he now has a job at school.