Friday, October 29, 2010

Stories I’d like to see - women in music take control

Stars of Glee knock back photo shoot for men’s magazine. ‘We don’t need to present ourselves that way’, say the women of Glee. ‘We know who we are, we are secure in ourselves and in our careers, so we’re not playing down to the lowest standard.’ ‘We give a lot of ourselves in our work, and want to save our more personal selves for our private lives.’ They added, ‘We’re sick of women feeling like they have to present themselves as slutty to get attention from men. That’s dumb. Men can like women without women behaving like they’re porn stars. We believe men are better than that.’’

Miley Cirus wants to be taken seriously as an adult artist, so contemplates taking a role on Broadway. “I know I’m vocally limited in range, and my accent is a problem,’ says Ms Cirus, ‘but I could do small role. I couldn’t play a lead in Wicked, or Sweet Charity or Oklahoma!, but I could play Daddy Warbucks’ assistant in Annie.’ If I can’t do Broadway, perhaps I could introduce my age group to cabaret - just me, a pianist and a mike on stand. That would be exciting.’

Gabriella Climi also sees a world of opportunity beyond popular culture. ‘I’m looking at women in rock who rocked because they were great singers, had ideas and into the music, not women who shocked. I’m putting together a rocking band and we’re going on the road. We’re making music on our own terms, and refuse to play that bullshit women-in-music-are-sexually-available game. Music can be about anything, and songs about sex are so over-represented on the radio. Sure, we have sex, but that’s just one part of who we are. There is so much else we want to sing about.’

Jessica Mauboy declines making music video with Snoop Dog. ‘The singers I most admire are ones who keep their clothes on, ‘ she is reported as saying, ‘ I never saw Aretha writhing on the ground like she’s humping at an orgy. I never saw a fellow musician disrespect Joni Mitchell, kd lang or Ella Fitzgerald. I know how these male r’n’b artists treat women in their music videos, and I’m not going there! I'm a creative artist, and my creativity won't be confined to fit the patriarchal music industry.’

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Motherhugger said...

Did anyone watch the Rockwiz Aria Hall of Fame show last night? It was good tv. A lovely celebration of Australian music.

Highlight of the night (aside from Steve Kilby's acceptance speech) was Tina Arena singing The Star, written by Johnny Young. Gorgeous.

Also Megan Washington sang 'Unguarded Moment' by The Church.

The night was hosted by the always fun Julia Zamira.

Great to see talented Australian women, who, when we say we want to see more of them, we don't mean for them to take their clothes off!