Friday, February 11, 2011

Common Sense

Did you know that Michelle Obama won't let her kids on Facebook? Well, I know that know because I read it on Common Sense, the website that tells you what age each website, game, movie, tv show, book, app or music release is appropriate for. You can search by product or age group. Parents and children review products, and well as social media. They also have stories, with recommendations, for example this one on the role of the media in early sexualisation of girls, including recommendations of media with positive role models for girls.

Will I let my kids on Facebook? No. It bothers me that we have recommendations, even laws, that parents let their children disregard. Drinking under the age of eighteen. Sex under the age of sixteen. And FB under the age of thirteen. Naive perhaps, but I'm hoping my kids won't be very interested. They already are critical of lots of ways modern technology is being used. My youngest made a sign for the entrance of our house saying 'No Mobile Phones' - she thinks using them at our house is rude. They'd rather interact in RL. We'll see.

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