Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm angry about this


How many people sat in meetings nodding their heads at this proposal? How many people designed and made the posters and badges, not suggesting that maybe this isn't a great idea, or considering what it means for the young women who work in the shops. The response from the CEO of General Pants is not good enough.

The federal budget allows $222 million to the National School Chaplaincy Program. Why? Public education is supposed to be secular. If schools need counsellors (and they do), then employ counsellors.

And especially this from the SMH:

1100 rapes a day in Congo, study finds

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/1100-rapes-a-day-in-congo-study-finds-20110511-1ei0m.html#ixzz1M0jp20L4

Why is this not front page news every day? We've know about this for years. Why is the situation not improving?


Melissa said...

$222 million to the chaplains program. Astounding! I'm angry about that too.

Alex said...

If people want religion in schools, either send your children to a private school or take your children along to the local church Sunday school. They would be delighted to have you. Schools are no place for religious evangelism. I don't pay taxes for that! Religion is a personal choice. As you say employ counsellors if the children need pastoral care of that kind.

I too am angry at the lack of media coverage over the unremitting use of rape and violence against women and girls in war (and at other times). Rest assured if it was 1100 men being raped everyday or even it if was happening in Australia, you would certainly hear about it. There was a recent article in the Guardian Weekly (I have recently taken up reading it as well - constantly angry at the local/national media for not having a wider coverage of world (and seemingly not-news-worthy stories)events), where they discussed a new centre for women in the Congo to help rehabilitate women after rape. They can take 60 women every 6 months. Great idea but what happens to the other thousands of women raped every 6 months. Do they just carry on without help or support?

What a world we live in.

Motherhugger said...

Thanks for your comment Alex. Glad you're also reading TGW. So many interesting conversations (and solutions) going on elsewhere that never become part of the conversation in Australia.