Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Motherhood: The Musical

From the Australian producers of the smash-hit Menopause The Musical® comes an equally hilarious, musical journey about the lives and friendships of four very different mums sharing their humorous insights into the challenges of motherhood. There's Barb, an over-worked, underpaid, stressed-out mother of five; Brooke, the lawyer, who works too much and barely sees her kids, Trisha, a single mum struggling to balance work, her family and her divorce and finally Amy, the naive young woman about to have her first child.

Having received rave reviews interstate and overseas, this musical written by award-winning singer/songwriter Sue Fabisch, features 20 sensational songs including her Top 10 Billboard Comedy hit The Kids Are Finally Asleep. You'll love this joyous musical journey as it takes a loving and funny look at the blessings and the perils of being a Mum. This is all about laughing and crying, craziness and calm, smiles and tears, all wrapped up into 90 minutes of great musical entertainment. A must see for anyone who is, has, or knows a Mum.

Tue 26 Jul - Sat 13 Aug - Everest Theatre, Sydney

Anyone want to come with me to see this?

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