Monday, May 23, 2011

Going to concerts alone

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook an invitation for someone to come with me to see two artists I really want to see - Bat for Lashes, and Joan as Policewoman. I like their music. Bat For Lashes hasn’t been to Sydney before, and when Joan last played here the reviews were great. I want to see them. But my request sunk like a stone. No reply. I’m thinking my FB peers don’t know who they are. And maybe my nieces might like the music, but can’t afford to go, or are too busy, or just don’t want to go with me.

Which makes me feel... old. I’ll be going to the concerts alone, which I don’t really mind. I’m happy to go to movies alone; there isn’t much difference, except there is an interval. But I’m betting I’ll be the only lone ticket holder who isn’t on their mobile phone during interval, so looking like I don’t have any friends. I’m the age now where I’m invisible to the younger people who will be there, which gives me a kind of freedom I plan to enjoy. I’m not going to impress anybody and no-one will mind me. Also, part of me is thinking I need to get out and do these kinds of things before I’m too old. When will that be?

I’m thinking about what it means. What demographic do I belong to? I am still interested in what’s going on in the world of the arts, but have been out of the loop for a while - just too hard with young children, but they're getting older now - so I’ll just go to these things on my own. I saw Sufjan Stevens, and Iota, who were fantastic, but none of my friends know who they are either. And I have no interest in seeing the more mainstream acts that are marketed to me - Pink and Bon Jovi. Most people are just too busy to keep up with new artists, and I understand that.

So here is my conclusion. I need to start sharing music with my friends, like I used to before I had kids. And I need to actually talk to my friends more often. I need to make a point of actually phoning them, just to keep in touch. I don’t drink. I don’t text. We don’t do dinner parties. So I need to do something. Organise our own things together, without kids. Instead of just relying on bloody Facebook.

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