Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One day my head is gonna explode

And today might be that day. Week one of uni and week two of term.

The kids have too many activities, in school and, well, in school. Opportunities, they’re usually called, but for me today, they’re called headaches. I’ve just realised I should change my uni enrolment because the units I’ve enrolled in for this term assume knowledge I haven’t covered yet. I need to be doing the less challenging subjects this semester, because I already feel my stress levels have risen to boiling point just reading about the unit activities and assessments. Household chores - never ending. Gym. I'm supposed to keep moving to stop my body from hurting. Volunteering. I do my share (and I swear, if the school calls for volunteers for one more function, I may as well just homeschool and be done with it). Sick child. Consulting with the village to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be. Thinking about how I’m going to earn some money but no time to actually follow through. Something’s gotta give.

And where are those missing library books and the missing birth certificate??

Take a breath and back to basics. Whatever I can’t deal with right now, I’ll think about it later.

In the words of Katie Scarlett O'Hara, tomorrow is another day.


Melissa said...

We 'lost' the birth certificates a few weeks ago also...found them though :) Idk, maybe something kid sized needs to give ? Exploding heads are all kinds of ugly!

Motherhugger said...

Oh, I was fantasising about dropping out of uni...

PMS is still legitimate stress, isn't it?!?

Jenny said...

Been reading my blog recently?? I know exactly how you feel. I'm sooo far behind in uni but I don't even have time to work out how far behind I am! Sick child - yes, hmm, the icing on the cake.