Monday, September 19, 2011

New Moon Girls Girl-Caught Campaign

Girls Take a Stand Against Disrespect in the Media

New Moon Girls presents its new Girl-Caught Campaign

09.19.2011– From lingerie for 4-year-olds to “I’m too pretty for math,” T-shirts, girls are bombarded with messages that destroy their self-esteem and self-worth, telling them that they need to be pretty, sexy, and not too smart.

Enough is enough, and New Moon Girls is empowering girls to say, “Stop It!” with the Girl-Caught campaign on Sept. 22, 2011: Day of the Girl to honor this important day.

In the 19 years since New Moon Girls started, sexualization of toys, games, clothes, movies, TV and music marketed to and for under 16-year-olds has increased dramatically. The Girl-Caught campaign site gives girls, boys and adults an empowering way to show and comment on both negative and positive images and messages about girls and women.

New Moon Girls is partnering with Day of the Girl, Mind on the Media, Pigtail Pals, Powered By Girl, School Girls Unite, and Shaping Youth to give girls and others a voice, and spread the word far and wide that we do not have to accept these disrespectful messages anymore, and to increase respect for girls and women in all media.

Make the world better in four easy steps:
1. Go to the Girl-Caught site.
2. Download or print out your own Girl-Caught stickers.
3. Paste them to the negative or positive Girl-Catches you find.
4. Upload them to Girl-Caught!

New Moon Girls is also planning an event in Washington, DC and Congressional offices nationwide to deliver thousands of Girl-Catches to Congress in support of the Healthy Media for Youth Act.

Through Girl-Caught, girls, boys, women, and men can have an impact on the messages girls and women receive from companies and the media today, and shape how they see themselves tomorrow.

Go girls. And they use pictures from French Vogue as an example of images that are disrespectful to girls. I'm happy for my daughters to be involved in New Moon Girls.

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