Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costumes for women

I'm not getting into the whole Halloween is unAustralian/pagan ritual/wrong hemisphere debate. I'm not into Halloween. My kids won't be trick or treating. However, the school does have a Halloween Disco. It's a Halloween Disco because our school calender is so full, when we found a date for a school disco, it happened to be near the date for Halloween, so it became a dress up disco. Fun for young and old. Cyberguy does the music, which is fun for him (and the only volunteering he does for the school).

The point of the post is to share a celebration of women. There is a company that sells costumes for women celebrating famous women in history. Scientists, Queens, Goddesses, from all over the world. I'm not suggesting you buy any of these costumes, but you could use them as inspiration to make your own costumes. Really, I'm just happy to celebrate amazing women in history. The business was created in reaction to the sexification of Halloween costumes (well, the Playboy Bunny version of sexy, that seems to be common in Halloween costumes). Have a look.

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