Saturday, October 08, 2011

MIRCI seeks support

Every who knows me in RL knows I'm always banging on about MIRCI (Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement, previously known as ARM - Association for Research on Mothering) which was started and is run by the fabulous Andrea O'Reilly. Andrea circulated an email this week to let people know what is happening with the organisation, and that she needs some help. If you have been thinking about buying some journals or other publications from Demeter Press, now would be a good time to do it. (Before our dollar drops any lower.) Here is the email.

I am emailing concerning MIRCI; some great news and some difficult challenges.

As you no doubt are aware, we have moved to publishing 6-8 Demeter titles a year so we can qualify for some significant funding through the Canadian Government (Cdn Council and Heritage Canada). As a result we had to publish 4 titles this fall to qualify for the grants (Cdn Council nov 1 deadline and Heritage Canada april 1 2012)

The good news is that these are not like sshcc grants: once you meet the eligibility requirements and do the hard work of submitting the application (full financial information, sales reports etc) you receive the grant and it is renewed annually as long as you continue to meet the requirements. We are talking serious money: (10,000-25,000 per year for Cdn Council and 20,000 plus for Heritage Canada). Once we receive these grants, Demeter Press' future will be secure, particularly as we now have a distributor that will also bring in increased sales.

The good news is that we have just learned yesterday that our assessment for Cdn Council grant has been approved and we will be submitting the grant in November (this was a huge hurdle to get over).

The challenging news is that we need to have these four titles published this fall for this grant (and to apply for the even bigger Heritage Canada grant in April). The cost of publishing these 4 titles is more than $30,000 and this must be paid over the next 3 months.Some of this money will be raised through book sales but we still have to raise a lot of money fast to cover these printing costs so we are eligible for these grants: if we don't we can not apply. So we are truly behind a rock and hard place.

I am spending the next few days emailing the loyal supporters of MIRCI/Demeter press in the hope that they can do one or more of the following to raise the needed money so we can publish these titles and secure this grant funding: renew your 2012 membership NOW (form will be on site by end of the week) ideally as a sustaining member, purchase Demeter titles for yourself, a friend or colleagues or make a donation to MIRCI or Demeter Press. Again, the money needs to be raised as soon as possible so we can keep moving these Fall titles into production.

If most of our loyal members did just one of the above we would have the needed money to get these books printed and thus secure these grants to make possible a secure future for Demeter we can keep doing the important and necessary work of publishing high quality motherhood scholarship.

I do hope that you can.



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