Saturday, October 08, 2011

Resource for choosing music for kids - Common Sense Media

I've updated one of my most popular posts, Music for Kids to Dance to, because I've found this great resource that helps you choose not only music, but films, games and books. The site provides brief reviews of books, cds, songs, and electronic media. You can search by age or genre. The film reviews also suggests issues that you might want to discuss with your child. You can find out which Glee cds have the more adult content, and which are OK for tweens. You can find apps that are made for toddlers. And you can browse through lists of old films that you'd forgotten about, but would love to share with your children.

I especially like the Hidden Gems.

Enjoy. (And avoid the oops of buying the Bruno Mars cd for 7 year old.)

Also, the Australian site that reviews films so you Know Before You Go

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Melita said...

Not sure if The Curly Cousins are listed at the sites you mentioned. They are fantastic. A multi- talented all woman trio.