Monday, December 12, 2011

Go Go Stop

We’ve been crazy busy. We’ve managed to keep up with everything. Just. Peddling to go from one event to the next. Keeping the wheels turning. But what it means is that we’ve had no time to process anything. Our feet aren’t touching the ground.

We’ve had: White Ribbon Day event at school (for which a brochure I wrote about children and the media was distributed), dress rehearsals and performance for dance school (I spent the concert helping my children change costumes and making ballet buns - which mercifully stayed in this year - and taking ballet buns out), band playing at local Christmas carols event, music exams, Harry Potter exhibition (I want to go again), school concert for infants, Matilda campaigning for school officer (and a reminder that parents don’t vote for school officers - trust the school that the system works as it is, and be gracious to those who won positions - as my wise friend says, we’re supposed to be teaching the children how to cope with these things, not inflaming controversy to no good end - we don't want to become cheerleader moms!), school presentation day , school reports, attending birthday parties.

I’ve had: the printing and selling of the fruit and veg cookbook I made as a P&C fundraiser, release of my uni results, babysitting for other mums through the babysitting club, school volunteer thank you morning tea (the closest I’ll get to a work Christmas party), band supervision, specialist appointment for Banjo, organising to attend the Ethics teacher training course, then cancelling because Clancy has tonsillitis, Clancy’ birthday afternoon tea (at which her friends played hide and seek and Chinese whispers - I served them food and French Lemonade and left them to entertain themselves, and they did!), chairing the AGM for a committee I’ve just resigned from, uniform shop stocktake, and trying to get the washing dry during weeks of rain.

No wonder I’m tired.

Fortunately Christmas for us isn’t crazy. It is very casual. I get presents for the kids and my sisters and myself, which I’ve done. I haven’t got anything for Cyberguy because he says he doesn’t want anything (and he’s very fussy). For Christmas day we all bring food to share with family, and no-one is fussed about what that food is. That’s it.

When school ends on Friday, and our schedule becomes a ghost town with tumbleweed whistling through it, we might look back on the happenings of the last few weeks and process what it all means. Or we might just sleep in and eat lovely food and get ready for everything that will be happening next year. Which will be crazy busy.

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Melita said...

Knowing that peace lies ahead, is that how you can stand such a busy schedule right now? I find this time of year almost unbearable.