Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We aren’t easy to market to

The kids and I recently filled in some Roy Morgan surveys. There were lots of sections we could skip because we don’t have mobile phones, buy apps, buy alcohol, watch pay tv, support a footy team, buy magazines and so on. I know the survey is to provide information to marketers, but the marketers will have to work harder to find us.

When asked, the kids stated they don’t have a favourite superhero or cartoon character. Good.

One of the questions asked of the children was ‘what is cool?’ Banjo answered Fancy Nancy, and Katie Morag. Clancy said Horrible Histories. Matilda said Harry Potter and The Hobbit.

Most the shows I watch are on the ABC or SBS. I don’t do a lot of shopping. I buy groceries at Aldi, fruit and veg at the greengrocers, bread at the bakery, and most other purchases are second hand.

I reckon it is worthwhile giving our view to marketers. We’re just not very interested.

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