Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mamapalooza - The Festival is Over

Well, we did it. The Mamapalooza festival is over. The Wordsmiths session was lovely. We could have just talked about writing about the arts, or published books, or mothers in fiction, or poetry, or activists' writing, or the mothers movement, or any of a number of topics, but we talked about what the speakers (bluemilk, Joan Garvan, Debra Kellahan and I), who had been thinking and researching and writing about motherhood for many years wanted to say, and that was fine. We heard from some local writers too. To me the week seemed to go very quickly. Vee disagrees. I've already forgotten all the hard work that went into the preparation, and we're planning for next year, hopefully with funding and with more people helping. And we're organising a local Feminist Mums Discussion Group.

As for the rest of life, we awoke this morning to no bread, no milk, and not enough eggs. The car needs repairs and my tooth broke. Child was crying because her uniform wasn't clean and ready - she hadn't put it in the wash. I have a story to write, learn and perform, and two assignments due. I need to do some mending for Banjo and sew elastic and ribbons on Matilda's new point shoes. Yes, moving onto pointe. Exciting and a bit scary. I'd like to say the fitting was fun, but it wasn't, and we're looking for a new dance wear shop!

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sister outlaws said...

Organising the Mamapalooza festival sounds a bit like having a child. All the pain is fogotten once it's here! I've just posted a link to your Hoopla article about Mothers' Day. Hope that's cool!