Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers' Day and Mamapalooza

For Mothers Day my gift to myself was helping create the festival that is Mamapalooza Sydney. Hoopla have published my article here - they make me look good!

I'm having a lovely time with Mamapalooza, but Vee and I have been thinking that next time we'll run it over one day or one weekend, like an expo, so that the participants (artists, writers,musicians, stand-ups) can all meet each other, and so we can bring together groups that are raising money for charities and bringing awareness to causes.And so that we aren't going out every night for a week.

Last day today - my Wordsmiths session - and I'm excited. Lots of poems to read, and lots to talk about.

Sharing some other pieces about Mothers Day here. Clementine Ford on how naff Mothers Day is, according to the commercialised view , ie, mothers want gifts that help them do domestic work, then something to help them rest from domestic work, so they can get back to what they should be doing - domestic work.

The reason I don't have a mobile phone, iphone etc. (Well, the main reason; the others are cost and I wouldn't know where to keep them - books and shoes and cds - I know where they go.)

And about Hoopla - you can't tell older women to shut up

As for me, I visited my mother yesterday and kept thinking, I really could drop everything and just help my aging parents. I'll be dropping a few commitments soon. To pay more attention to people.

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sister outlaws said...

Sounds like a mamapalooza has been a hoot and well worth all the effort you have put into it. A wonderful celebration. It's very important to create the forums and outlets for this sort expression and connecting. Well done! Will try and get to the next one...or will there be one in Melbourne?