Saturday, August 04, 2012

TV. Woe is me

If you were studying gender as portrayed by tv you’d be kept very busy.

In about 10 minutes of tv viewing yesterday morning I saw that a children’s morning show is being divided into girls shows and boys shows. Just what we don’t need.

And I saw an ad for the new series of Farmer Wants a Wife. Could be renamed ‘Women Fighting Women They Don’t Know to Win a A Man They Don’t Know’. Wow. Doesn’t take a genius to unpack the messages there.

And Underbelly. The new series is called Underbelly Badness. Surely this is a joke. A ten year old boy could have come up with something better. The name indicates they have run out of ideas and given up. It gives no indication about the time and place the show is set in, only that the show is garbage.

Seriously, who are these people making decisions about tv programming? Did they do no critical thinking at school? Are they all happy with their work and the way they contribute to our culture?  Anybody keen to step in and create change from within??

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