Sunday, October 21, 2012

Changing Direction

At last post my wcc was 124 and I started on the chemo drugs. On Saturday my wcc was 120. Not great, but a change in direction, and a significant one. I was instructed to increase the meds. Today, my wcc is, (and I was nervous about this - I'd packed a hospital bag in case I was admitted), 78.6. Good news. My doctor acquired some CML medication for me to get started on while my application for the drug is being processed - quite a bureaucratic process by all accounts.

We also had a quick chat about the possibility of a bone marrow transplant, and starting to look for donors. Good news for my children - they can't be donors. (There goes my threat to make them clean up after themselves.) My doctor thinks we should be able to find a donor who isn't related to me. If it comes to that. 

When I woke up on Saturday morning I felt a little better than I had in weeks. My mind was a bit clearer. I don't feel great - I have cramps and an upset stomach - but I started to feel a little more positive.

I'm in a Facebook group with other students who are mums, and whenever I'm about to go in for a blood test, I've been asking them to guess what my wcc will be. Making it a game. Why not? It helps to not take it all too personally.

A change in direction is good! I hope my wcc will never be as high as that again. More blood tests, and in about a month, another bone marrow biopsy. Now we have to push all my results back to the chronic phase, then into remission.


sister outlaws said...

Glad you can make some jokes about this! I'm very impressed with your attitude and resilience. Take care.

Liz said...

Hi Catherine - it's Liz here (erstwhile of Wednesday Walkers, now living in Darwin). I heard about your diagnosis via Lynne S, who directed me here. I am so, SO sorry to hear this news. Have just been doing some research on CML (I understand 'accelerated' and 'blast' better now) and will be following your blog closely, sending bucket-loads of support across the cyberwaves. Sending a huge Motherhug from one cancer-fightin' mama to