Sunday, November 25, 2012

Closer, I am, to fine

Last week I taught my ethics class, and went to a yoga class. I’m back to doing normal things. On Monday my wcc was 3.8. Normal range is 4 -11, so I was happy about that. (It has since gone down to 2.2, but nevermind.) On Wednesday my HB was 98. Beginning of normal range is 120. That's the best it's been. I took Matilda to Schools Spectacular* (she now wants to join even more ensembles), we went to a wedding (but not the reception - that would have been too much), and I took Matilda shopping for a dress to wear to her Year 6 Farewell. I’ve booked for us to have a little summer holiday where the children are kept busy and we are all fed. So, I’m saying I’m closer to fine.

My doctor is planning to phone manage me for the next fortnight, which means I come in for blood tests, then go home and talk to her on the phone. Much more efficient. I filled a few extra vials of blood this week so they can tissue type me and then find a donor. The nurse who took my blood asked if it is my first transplant. I said I only plan to have one.  Apparently some people have two. One patient has had three. These are some very expensive patients. They should be marked somehow, so that they have special privileges or right of way or are somehow protected after so much of taxpayers’ money and medical expertise being invested in them. I hope I’m worthy. Anyway,  I have two sisters and one brother who are in the running to be donors, and each have a 25% chance of being a good match. If not, then we go to the international registry. My doctor still hasn’t decided whether I need a bone marrow transplant or not. We’re just getting ready in case I do. She’s going to consult other specialists, and see what the bone marrow biopsy I had this week shows us. (It’s really not as painful as it sounds). I’m feeling OK, except for the bone pain caused by the medication, and some nausea, which are manageable.

I’ve been feeling like I want to spend less time in front of the computer. I’ve been unsubscribing. Cancer has proven to be rather sociable, and it has been lovely to talk to lots of friends. My doctor is quite bemused that I bring a different person each time to my appointment, but really, why not?  I’ll be withdrawing from my university subject this week. I don’t know how I had time to study before this started, but I really just haven’t got into study mode yet for this trimester. I need a break. It’s time to listen to music (Banjo’s new favourite song is ‘California’ by Joni Mitchell, which my friend put on my phone - makes a nice change from Taylor Swift. Tonight I played the White Album while Clancy was helping me make dinner), do drawings, pay attention to the people around me. Really, if not now, then when? I want to reread my favourite New York novels and trace on a map where the characters go. I want to read new books for pleasure. For pleasure! I want to watch the DVDs that my family and friends have brought me. I especially love that my uncle gave a DVD of Bette Davis movies, and my old school friend lent me ‘Jane Eye’ - the Orson Welles version, and other old period costume films. That’s lovely. They know what I like.   

I need to do some cleaning up. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been ill and people have been bringing us dinner, the children have been more lazy. That has to change. The food roster finishes this week and I’ve written a roster for the children to do chores around the house and help with dinner. We’ll see how we go. If I do have the transplant we know we have a food roster system we can implement to help the family.

I got my hair cut. The shorter style shows up the dark circles under my eyes.

Meanwhile, my father, who is 80, has had a quadruple bypass. He came home from hospital., only to get an infection (he may have had it from the start) and return to hospital. He should be back home later this week. My siblings have a roster system to help my parents. My mother is disabled and unable to help him. It has been a quite a time for my family. 

* Schools Spectacular highlights will air on ABC on 16 December, and the longer version on ABC2 on New Year's Eve at 6pm.

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Liz said...

What a time you've had. I hope your dad is doing OK. All fingers are crossed in Darwin for your biopsy result. Very glad to hear that you've got the White Album playing, Indigo Girl!!