Thursday, June 13, 2013

A big week for calling out sexism

It has been a big week for feminism in Australia.

Conversations about why only eight of the 100 songs voted in the Hottest 100 of the last twenty years were sung by women.
The Prime Minister is mocked in a sexualised way by the Opposition, and the disrespectful questioning of a radio broadcaster about her partner's sexuality.
Our Prime Minister addressed a Women for Gillard event reminding women that men should not be making policy decisions about women's bodies. We need to increase the representation of women in Parliament (and all positions of power) and women's voices generally to improve equality for women.  
The coach of the Socceroos saying that women should shut up in public.
Sex scandals in the army indicate a systemic culture of disrespecting women.
Sentencing men who rape and kill women. (Or letting them out on parole.)
And we learn that male politicians don't choose their own ties.

I've noticed something else as well. I watched QI last night and the night before. Both nights there were no female panellists. The talk of women was sexist, with jokes about women sexually pleasuring men, or being raped. The humour was crass. This is how men talk about women on television when there are no women sitting at the big table. It isn't only in Parliament and in board rooms that women are under-represented.

Get Up is running a campaign to claim the term "Gender Card' as a legitimise cause. You can upload your own issue of concern as your Gender Card. So many issues to choose from!

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Liz said...

Such a depressing week. I barely know what to say. Am feeling guilty now to have voted for so few women in the Hottest 100 (my only excuse being that I was being guided almost entirely by sentimental attachment to particular tracks - I also wonder about the number of women/men who vote in these things, and wouldn't be surprised if it's quite uneven....would be interested to know). What a sorry period it has been in Australia - and now Britain as well, with the horrible pics of Nigella Lawson and her husband. Am feeling quite distraught about 'QI' - my older son LOVES this show, to the point that my parents bought him a box set for his birthday. It's not really my thing so it's tended to be something I don't sit down and watch - assuming it was pretty benign (and thinking he's old enough for a smattering of slightly 'naughty' British humour). Hadn't realised this was the tenor of it at all!!!!