Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 55

And how is my recovery going after the transplant?

Well, it's a slow process.

Sometimes I feel OK, but mostly I'm tried and nauseas. I'm not really doing much. My partner and I are at home in the day living like frugal retirees. I'm trying to keep warm. I can't remember the house being so cold in winter. I sleep in my hat and scarf. Sometimes I sit with him and the heater listening to podcasts of academics discussing ancient history and mythology while I'm making crafts for the school fete, but that's as busy as I get, aside from doing household chores. I'm not reading, which I think is a bit strange for me. I don't know why. 

My doctor tells me I should go out, so long as I avoid crowds and infectious people. It's a risk. I've been out twice. Once to the shops and once to the movies. Excursions are tiring but I was OK. I think it just depends on the day. I wouldn't be able to do it all the time. It makes going out hard to plan because I don't know how I'll feel.

In a month or so I'll have another bone marrow biopsy to determine if I still have leukaemia.

I'm told that by Day 100 I should be out of danger of Graft Versus Host disease. And I should be stronger by then and feel better. I'm looking forward to that. Another patient who has had the same treatment said he returned to part time work after six months. I'm told I'll be immuno-compromised for a year.

One measurable change is that my hair has started growing back.

It's a long, slow process, this recovery. But everything is on track, and my doctor says he's very pleased with me.

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JoannieG said...

Hi Catherine, I've noticed that you haven't been on facebook much lately so I thought I'd take at look at your blog and see what you're up to. The time together at home listening to podcasts sounds lovely. I don't come to sydney very often but if its looking like I could drop around I'll get and touch and see what you're up to. Have visitors been coming around? There's been some movement on the AMIRCI front with a serious prospect of the next conference being in Melbourne 2014. Have you seen the blog by Megan Rogers Motherode - its one you'd enjoy. Take care and best, Joan G x